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After the CT ratio is set, the current readings of the PMC-43M are found to be 5 times the actual values.

The CT ratio setup parameter in the PMC-43M is the ratio between the CT primary and CT secondary rated values.  For example, if the CT is rated as 100/5, the CT ratio setup parameter on the PMC-43M should be programmed as 100/5=20.  In this case, the original CT ratio might have been set as 100.  This explains why the current readings are 5 times the actual values.

During the configuration of the PMC-43M, the setup parameters can be viewed but cannot be modified from the Front Panel.

When configuring the PMC-43M from the Front Panel, the correct password must be entered first before any changes are allowed.  To do this, the user must first enter the Front Panel's Setup Configuration mode by pressing the "SET" button for 3 seconds.  The PMC-43M displays the model number "PMC 43M" at the center of the display and the word "SET" near the bottom of the LCD display when it has entered the Setup Configuration mode.   The user can scroll to the Password screen by pressing the "Phase" button.  Press the "SET" button To select the password for entering.  At this point, the screen displays a flashing "0".  The user can use the "Phase" button to increment the value and the "System" button to move the cursor one position to the left.  The default password is "0" if it has not been modified.  After the correct password has been entered, press the "SET" button to confirm.  If the password is correct, the user will be able to make changes to the setup parameters.  If changes are not allowed, this indicates that the entered password is incorrect.

The voltage rating on the serial number label of the PMC-530 is 380V.  Can the PMC-530 be directly connected to a 220V/380V system?

Yes, this PMC-530 can be directly connected a 220V/380V system or other systems that have a lower voltage rating such as 120V/208V or 57.7V/100V.  For systems having a higher voltage rating such as 11kV, PTs should be used to bring the primary voltage down to a value that is within the voltage input range of the PMC-530, which is 220V/380V in this case.

The impact of control power supply over the performance of PMC-530A.

The PMC-530's employs a universal power supply as its standard option and allows it be powered from 85-265VAC or 88-360VDC.  If the application's power supply is not within this range, the PMC-530's operation will be affected.  For example, if the supply voltage is too low, the PMC-530 may operate unreliably or may not even power up.  If the supply voltage is too high, it may cause permanent damage to the PMC-530's universal power supply for prolong use.  Therefore, it is critically important for the supply voltage to be within the specifications of the PMC-530 power supply.

The Power Factor readings displayed on the PMC-530 are too low and even become negative at times, but the Voltage and Current readings appear to be correct.

This is often caused by the incorrect phase relationship between the voltage and current signals.  In other words, the wiring of the voltage and current inputs may not be properly "paired".  This problem can easily be solved by tracing the wiring cables to make sure that per phase voltage and current inputs are correctly wired to the appropriate source with the correct polarity. 

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